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India and China in a Trexit world

India’s foreign policy has been forged in the crucible of its geopolitical challenges. It is surrounded by failing states, including Pakistan and Bangladesh, and hemmed by an emergent superpower, China,...

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Readers’ Picks of the Week (Nov 28 – Dec 2, 2016)

, Readers’ Picks of the Week (Nov 28 – Dec 2, 2016), , World Maritime News, , http://worldmaritimenews.com/archives/207919/readers-picks-of-the-week-nov-28-dec-2-2016/, http://feeds.feedburner.com/worldmaritimenews/Ltoh, World Maritime News, The industry's seaborne news provider, , World Maritime...

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Spain Unemployment Rises In November

Spain’s unemployment increased in November, data from the labor ministry showed Friday. The number of registered unemployed increased by 24,841 in November from prior month. Consequently, the people out of...

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