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leading logistics and supply chain

who will invest in your success

Estate Responsive Landing Page Template

    Estate Responsive Landing Page Template

    We empower businesses by making logistics easy

    Work with authorised, certified, experienced and reliable international freight forwarders.

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    An International Federation of freight forwarders associations. We hold the second most important accreditation for handling air cargo.

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    The most important accreditation for handling Air Cargos. Work with IATA accredited company work with us.

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    Multimodal Transport Operator (MTO) license holder given by the Government of India, It is a compliance for logistics companies to operate.

    Customs Broking License

    Cargo Security and regulatory compliance are serious matters. We hold Customs Broker License.

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    Federal Marine Commission (FMC), this Ocean freight related license is mandatory for the logistics company working on India-USA trade lane.

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    WCA is the largest and the most powerful network of independent freight forwarders.


    Consultants, at your freight forwarding service Sir.

    Having a team who can handle the visa and quota information under one roof has proved to be a key aspect for SAR Transport. This has helped us serve esteemed clients in the best possible manner. Our clients are also benefited by us in the areas of warehousing and variable space requirements at an affordable price. So, if you want a hassle free logistics related service, you have come to the right place. Fly and sail with us on the same voyage!!!

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