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About Us

We are one of the largest freight forwarder for India-USA and India-Canada market.
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A very well known name in the supply chain and logistics company in India

SAR is one of the leading Logistics companies in India in the supply chain and logistics industry on the international level but the man who made it stand on the international level is Mr. Anil Kaul who started the company in the year 2005 with 5 people. But as we say that 5 fingers make a handful, in the same way these 5 people along with Mr. J.P. Singh and Mr. Mithlesh Kumar who joined in the year 2007 made it an organization of 322 people and one of its kind on the national and international level. The annual turnover of the group company is estimated at around 295 million USD. On March 2022 our yearly volume has recorded 21000 teus for USA and 7000 teus for Canada. The organization has been working continuously to provide customer satisfaction to its clients by providing various services and offers to its loyal customers who are working in the same domain. Reliability and years of experience have made the company stand where it is now.

Every Solution under Single Window

SAR works with the aim of providing end to end logistics solutions to its clients and business partners by keeping in mind the economy, facility of customization as well as value added services. Along with all these solutions, we promise our customers to get the benefit of reduced cost, on time delivery which are the measures that make us different from our competitors.

Focusing Customers

We believe that our customer is God and hence put our best at providing customer centric solutions. It not only helps us gain loyal customers but also make us able to establish a reputed name in the international market. Our consultants are always ready to provide solutions as per customer’s needs and help them overcome the logistics related challenges.

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In depth Industry Knowledge

With years of experience, SAR Transport is capable of being in the place where it can deal with any of the logistics’ challenges. We are successful in creating a smooth process by delivering quality assurance procedures and functional practices.

Building Trust

With so much competition in every domain, business can flourish only when they are completely reliable. SAR Transport in this aspect is at your service. Our team provides solutions in such a way that the customers become worry free and can depend fully on approaches furnished. This makes a win-win situation for both the customers and the organization.

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Logistics is all About Training

A team of trained and experienced logistics personnel is all that an international freight forwarder needs. SAR is lucky enough to get that one who is always convicted at providing the best solutions to their clients. By establishing Pan-India logistics network of warehouses across India which enables us to manage and run the supply chain management in all the major states throughout the country.

Updated Technology Versions

We have got the best CargoWise One (CW1) global Software Systems which helps us stand in the league of the best freight forwarders and makes us Top freight forwarder in India. It works as per the requirements of the clients and results in the form of customized outputs. This system also permits us to perform various tasks related to logistics and supply chain under a single manifesto.


Consultants, at your Service Sir

Having a team who can handle the visa and quota information under one roof has proved to be a key aspect for SAR Transport. This has helped us serve esteemed clients in the best possible manner. Our clients are also benefited by us in the areas of warehousing and variable space requirements at an affordable price. So, if you want a hassle free & the best logistics services, you have come to the right place. Fly and sail with us on the same voyage!!!