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Air Freight

When sky can’t limit us….
We are IATA certified company in India. We possess our own warehouses and dedicated transport systems at Mumbai, India for handling Air Cargo.

Temperature Controlled Air Cargo

We ensure unaffected delivery while shipping your perishable items to any part of the world.

Hazardous Cargo

We have years of experience in handling containers and cargos carrying hazardous and dangerous goods.

Oversized Cargo

Providing customized solutions for safe convenyance is possible with us.

Temperature Controlled Air Cargo

As the term suggests, temperature controlled cargo is the transportation of cargo where the temperature is controlled with the help of certain technical equipment.

Maintaining the temperature of goods becomes very important when it is of a perishable nature. Hence, the International Air freight forwarder is responsible for keeping the temperature of such goods at a certain degree so that the same can be delivered without any spoil. We, at SAR Transport have been doing the same for 40 years. The latest technology has provided us with the sophisticated and quality temperature control equipment which enables us in handling the hazardous and temperature controlled cargo in the same state as it was brought for the delivery.

Safe Standards with Hazardous Cargo

SAR Transport will be your first and final choice once you give it the opportunity to an International Air Freight Forwarder to transport your risky air cargo. As we have got innovative techniques and advanced equipment which help us in delivering unpredictable materials securely. They are also in accordance with the norms of International Air Transport Association (IATA). We also follow all The USA and International laws and regulations which govern the transportation of hazardous materials. Our team is trained enough to follow the procedures related to this which scratches from its packing which is quite a tricky job.

Oversized cargo get the size with SAR Transport

Why to worry about that extra room which your voluminous cargo will need when you are at the doorsteps of an Air freight forwarder Like SAR Transport. We have been handling the grand air cargoes since 2005 and now it is not a big deal for us. Our Air freight service department do take care of the dimensions of those shipments also which don’t get fit easily in the normal containers. We have got the experience in shipping heavy goods such as heavy machinery, engines and parts of aircrafts, vehicles & boats and many more.

General Cargo

A special handling is required when a cargo is supposed to get transported and we have years of experience in that as well. Being an International air freight forwarder, Our qualified team keeps an eye on your each and every cargo, with the help of closed circuit camera system, until it reaches its destination. The shipping technology is integrated with our company’s security personnel so as to be transparent in safeguarding your prized possessions.