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Air Freight

To meet your freight deadlines, you need an air freight service provider with high performance standards and the flexibility to meet your changing needs. With our comprehensive portfolio of time-definite, guaranteed and cost-saving options, SAR Transport can meet your air freight requirements with confidence and reliability. Choose from transit times as fast as next day to three to five days to gain global coverage with more possibilities than ever before.

SAR Transport Air Division

Innovative, reliable, efficient, secure and necessary: this is today’s air  cargo business. Your partner for a modern way of life.

Our expertise in a time-definite shipments allows us to  make the best use of our air transportation services and meet tight deadlines. This is just one of the many ways in which our air freight solutions help your business soar.

  • Multi-modal Transport Operator (MTO) service for both air-sea combinations.
  • Time definite shipments to ensure no delays.
  • Peak season charters for uninterrupted transportation on busy international trade corridors
  • close supervision during loading and unloading of cargo.

Temperature Controlled Cargo

Our consultants analyse your existing systems and implement a tailored solution

Safe Standards Hazardous Cargo

Integration projects require in-depth technical knowledge of many subjects.

Oversized Cargo

Understanding the total costs related to shipping and logistics operations.


Our consultants analyse your existing systems and implement a tailored solution

Valuable Cargo

Integration projects require in-depth technical knowledge of many subjects.

Sensitive Cargo

Understanding the total costs related to shipping and logistics operations.

Temperature Controlled

Maintaining the Cold Chain is the responsibility of everyone who handles and transports temperature sensitive items such as fresh produce, from production to retail sale. SAR Transport’s effective cold chain management has been designed to meet the sensitive nature of your temperature-controlled perishable shipments.

With more than 30 years of perishable shipping experience, our sophisticated temperature controlled equipment, facilities and special handling procedures have proven to deliver the highest quality product. SAR Transport new generation of refrigerated, frozen and chilled storage is subdivided into climate-controlled chambers offering pre-cooling and computerized cold chain management for short and long term storage.

Safe Standards with Hazardous Cargo

As one of the few air cargo carriers qualified to transport hazardous materials, SAR Transport employs expert knowledge, utilizes advanced equipment, and conforms to proven handling procedures to ensure the safe delivery of your dangerous goods shipments. When shipping hazardous materials, SAR Transport is in accordance with the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Our team of certified hazardous-material shipping agents can assist you with professional packing to ensure your shipment of hazardous materials complies with all U.S. and International laws and regulations governing transportation of hazardous material.

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Ensuring Safe Delivery of Your Oversized Cargo

Our focus has always been on service, safety and effective heavy lift and oversized cargo shipping solutions. As part of our commitment to go the extra mile, SAR Transport flexibility and tailored transportation services are the best choice for even the most challenging cargo shipments.

SAR Transport provides you with the shipping expertise for a full range of heavy weight and over dimensional freight:

  • Project Cargo
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Energy Plant Equipment and Supplies
  • Aircraft Engines and Parts
  • Vehicles and Boats
  • And other large, heavy, oversized, or odd-shaped cargo


With over a decade of experience shipping live animals, SAR Transport primary objective is to provide the utmost care for your animals on the ground and in the air. All live animal shipments are handled by trained professionals and in full compliance with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Live Animal Regulations.

Through detailed planning and special handling, our customized shipping solutions for transporting live animals are designed to maximize the safety of all our animal “passengers”. All animals are to be tendered in approved cages or species appropriate shipping containers. For the added comfort and well-being of horses during the flight, SAR Transport permits horse handlers on board its freighters. SAR Transport does not ship primates.

Valuable Cargo

Since 2000, SAR Transport has been transporting all types of valuable cargo. We understand special handling is required and have proven procedures in place to ensure your high value and fragile cargo shipments are transported with utmost care throughout our network. We combine shipping technology with company employed security personnel to safeguard theft endangered goods and offer the highest security standards for your fragile freight shipments.

Every movement of your high-value shipment is monitored by our closed circuit camera system and documented by our trained and security-checked personnel. All fragile and valuable cargo is kept under the surveillance of our trained staff, until they reach their destination.

Sensitive Cargo

SAR Transport offers compassionate, professional services for shipping human remains, both cremated or un-cremated. All of our employees are trained in the sensitive transportation coordination of human remains. You can be assured we will give your departed loved one the highest quality of service on their journey to their final resting place. When transporting human remains a death certificate or burial transit permit is required