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Console Box: What it is, Advantages and Disadvantages

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You must be wondering what a Console Box is!! As it is a term that is not regularly used. So, here in this blog, we will tell you what a console box is and what are the pros and cons of using a console box. 


What is Console Box?


SAR_Console Box Logistics Services



Basically a console box is a container used by the Freight Forwarding Companies for loading the cargo which is ready to get delivered. With the development of the logistics industry, the concept of containerization has gained huge applause. It is because of the fact that it makes the whole process of loading go very smoothly.


Now, the clients need not take any responsibility regarding packing the goods. The Freight Forwarders have made it easy for the customers to choose the size and type of containers as per their cargo needs.


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FCL (Full Container Load) – 


In International Freight Shipping, the type of container which is mostly used is FCL (Full Container Load). It is the type of container service which is used only by a single customer for loading his cargo. In this type of container service, the client is responsible for the packaging of the cargo. Also, the client is liable for any kind of damage due to the packaging.


Cargo console box_SAR


LCL (Less than Container Load) –


But there are customers who don’t have enough to completely accommodate the FCL. In this case, the client opts for smaller containers which are known as LCL (Less than Container Load).


In LCL the cargoes of various customer’s goods are shipped together so as to utilize its capacity fully. It is a cost-effective technique as the customer is charged only for the space utilized by his cargo and not the whole container. But the most commonly used container type service is FCL.


Logistics Console Box_SAR


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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Console Box – 


The Advantages of a Console Box can be understood by the following bullets:


  1. There are certain costs which as a customer we need to incur like finding out the

condition and cleanliness of a container, packaging of the container at the warehouse, taking the container for shipment and many more. But if you use console box service then you can get rid of all these costs. Apart from this if you consolidate your various shipments together then you will end up paying less amount than sending all the cargoes separately.


  1. If you use this service, then you only need to pay for the space required for your cargo. The cost of the cargo will depend on the weight of the cargo so you don’t need to own the full container if you don’t have enough cargo to load in it.


  1. This is also helpful in finding out the quality of service that the new supplier will provide. Hence, the smaller quantities can be helpful to the consignee.


As every coin has two sides, in the same case the console box service also comes with some cons.


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Here are the Disadvantages of Console Box which are as follows:


  1. It is quite difficult to find out the consolidator who has good experience in this industry and who is reliable too.


  1. While opting for a console box service it becomes very important for the shippers to plan everything, i.e., the dimensions of the container so that the cargo can be fitted in the container without any possibility of the damage, the cost incurred and the transit time when the cargo will be delivered.


  1. In LCL type of container service, there is a possibility of the whole container being seized by the customs for some security purpose so if your cargo gets stuck in that it may get delayed.



SAR : A Leading Logistics Company in India

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