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Customs Broking

At SAR Transport, Both Cargo Security And Regulatory Compliance Are Serious Matters. In Addition To Our International Freight Forwarding And Transportation Capabilities SAR Transport Is A Licensed Customs Broker.
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Licensed Customs Broker

Our consultants analyse your existing systems and implement a tailored solution

Classification & Valuation

Integration projects require in-depth technical knowledge of many subjects.

Temporary Imports & Carnets

Understanding the total costs related to shipping and logistics operations.

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Licensed Customs Broker

Customs broker is basically an agent who has the license to get involved in the process of clearing goods for the purpose of importing them. They can an individual, a partnership firm or  corporation. They act as a bridge between the department of customs in the country and the importer. Also known as customs clearance agents, the same gather necessary information and documents from the customers and submit them to the customs department on behalf of the customers. In return, they charge fees from the customers.

At SAR Transport, we have a team of experts who specialize in dealing with the entry procedures, requirements for admission, rates, estimation, and quotation of relevant taxes. We have got the license of customs clearance agent. To ease our customers, we are also approved by the U.S. CBP (U.S. Customs and Border Protection) which enables us for RLF (Remote Location Filing), i.e. getting entries in the U.S. ports through U.S. customs entries on behalf of our clients.

Classification & Valuation

At SAR Transport, we have specialized experts who act as import customs broker and guide our customers on packing cost, royalty fees, license fees, commissions, freight and insurance deductions, brokerage, warehousing cost, discount, loss or damage deductions and many more. We believe in working in accordance with the legal aspect. Our seven step approach makes sure that the shipments reach on time and as per the compliance.

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Customs Broking 3

Temporary Imports & Carnets

The formalities of Temporary Importation under Bond (TIB) is also done by our specialized team of customs clearance agents. In this, the  importers purchase and secure this bond from the customs house brokers. It is required for getting the entry into a foreign country. The fees to be paid for TIB varies from country to country and the type of cargo to be exported. 

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