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Superior, Safe & Speedy ISO Tank Service

Transporting food-grade chemicals, non-hazardous, hazardous liquids with safety, excellence, and speedy nationally and internationally.

The Practicality of ISO Tank

The ISO tank containers are practical enough to transport bulk liquids in an economical, safe, efficient, and convenient manner. Availability in distinct volumes and types.

Elite Agent of M&S Logistics ISO Tank Container Operator

We are associated with M&S Logistics, a leading ISO container operator who is specialized in Food-grade tanks and IMO 1 type tanks.

Superior, Safe & Speedy ISO Tank Service

SAR Transport provides the service seekers with the comprehensive transportation services for shipping hazardous & non-hazardous liquids and food-grade chemicals in large quantities within India and across borders of India-USA & India-Canada. We deploy the ISO Certified Tanks to transfer the bulk liquids speedily and safely to the desired location of our customers.

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Practicality of ISO Tank Specifications

ISO Tank containers are available in different volumes and types with us. These cylindrical containers have a capacity of 21000-40000 litres and are ideal to carry liquids of dangerous, non-dangerous, and food-grade nature, including sulphuric acid, hydrogen, oils, solvents, food products, alcoholic content, and more.


The reasons why customers opt for SAR ISO Tank Services are listed below:


1.Cost-effective in comparison to other Carriers
2.High-level Safety of liquids
3.Temperature maintenance of liquids
4.No contamination risks
5.Convenience of storage and management
6.Zero requirements of extra packing layers.

Elite Agent of  Logistics ISO Tank Container Operator

We are the agents of the topmost tank operator,  Logistics, we assure of reliability, quality and security. This leading ISO tank operator has achieved specialization in IMO 1 type and food-grade tanks. The dexterous team is proficient in managing ISO tank as well as gas tank containers.

This collaboration with this tank container operator enables us to fulfil our commitment of safe and on-time delivery of bulk liquids. Furthermore, it helps us to render our laudable services at reasonable rates.

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