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The Privacy Policy of SAR clarifies how the company executes and exercises your personal information and also explains the legal rights that you keep with regards to the collection of your personal data. Your deed while sharing your personal information marks your consent adhering to the terms of the company’s privacy policy.

Protecting the Personal Data  

SAR values the privacy of the personal information provided by you and keeps it confidential in any case. With full integrity, it becomes the responsibility of SAR to make it remain private and make you feel secure in all ways.

Subjects from whom we gather the Personal Data

We garner the personal information of our employees, potential employees, suppliers, clients, business contracts, shareholders and website users as well. We give proper notice for the personal information which is collected but not listed in the privacy policy and also make you aware of the time that information will be used. 

Classification of Personal Information which is Collected and Processed

We collect and process your personal data into following categories :

  • Contact Information : Name, Company’s details, Email address, Postal address, Business contact information, Business bank account and other other contact information which is important for strengthening our relationship.
  • Biometric Information : Photographs, CCTV footage or other video systems or images while accessing our premises or locations or offices, voice recordings of the conference for which you register. 
  • Automatically Collected Information : IP addresses, operating system, information about your browser, and other personal data which is important for using the services.
  • Targeted Information : Age, Subject of interest, comments, posts or any other content which might be uploaded by you on our websites or webpages.

What is the Basis for Collecting and Processing your Personal Information?

Your personal data is processed legally for the purposes which we need to comply to the Global Privacy Policy for the following :

  • Because we are in compliance to do so with a legal obligation.
  • Because this data is very necessary for performing a contract to which you and the company are parties.
  • Because of the necessary proceedings for the purpose of generating legitimate interests.
  • For protecting the vital interests of the company and our clients/vendors.

Purposes for collecting your personal data

  • For getting ensured about the fact that we are hiring suitable employees.
  • For providing a good customer experience to you by rendering our services as per the commercial terms and requests. 
  • For facilitating proper communication in general meetings, providing access to the shareholders’ portal, communicating with shareholders and other investors related activities.
  • For maintaining a good record of the specific transactions and booking of our clients or customers in order to have a healthy contractual business relationship with our customers/vendors while executing the commercial agreement. 
  • For putting forward our communication towards you in order to facilitate you with the recommendations and information regarding our products and services. 
  • For keeping a track of your use of our systems which enables us to personalize your experience with respect to our websites and other webpages.
  • For enhancing the functionality and security of our website and webpages and information for a flawless user experience.
  • For keeping you up to date with our products and services by giving you the provisions of tailored newsletters and notifications which includes the current press releases as well.
  • For establishing a smooth functioning of business operations.
  • For assessing and addressing risk management for managing the anti-corruption, anti-fraud activities in order to avoid non-compliance and protecting the reputation of the organization.
  • For improving the performance of the business by applying the various data and activities to the business operations.
  • For marketing our products and services to you for keeping you well versed with the business activities.

Geographics where this Personal Data is Collected and Processed

SAR is a global organization having operations throughout the world. The personal data collected by us may be transferred to the other subsidiaries, joint ventures and divisions of SAR Transport around the globe which are located in India and other countries for complying with the laws of those states. The data provided by will in any case not be disclosed to anyone outside SAR unless and until it is permitted or the legislature demands so. 

Your personal data will be shared with the third parties such as service providers, lawyers, professional advisors, public authorities and tax consultants. But any third party to whom the data is shared is expected to keep it confidential and secure and is required to use your personal data only in compliance with the data privacy laws that are applicable for the same. Without notifying you, the personal data therefore transferred is governed by Standard Contractual Clauses or Binding Corporate Rules.

Retention of the Personal Data

Here, it should be noted that the company will retain your personal data as long as your usage of the website or as long as the company has an ongoing business relationship with you. The personal data is required for a proper functioning of the website or if the law demands to retain the same. 

The organization maintains the specific records and retention policies and procedures so that the personal data is deleted after a reasonable time by complying to the retention criteria which is listed below:

  • Your data will be retained as long as we have an ongoing business relationship with you.
  • The data will be kept as long as you are an active member of ours or as long as it is needed to provide services to you.
  • The data is retained for as long as it is needed to comply with the global legal and contractual obligations.

Hence, the data is retained for as long as you grant us the request to do so but which is not more than a reasonable time period, and not more than 4 years in any case. After that it will be deleted.

Data Subject Rights

Our clients or vendors are entitled to set out in applicable laws under particular circumstances and conditions: 

  • Request for the personal data that is processed about you : This right authorizes you to know whether the personal data which is held by us to obtain information on and a copy of those personal data.
  • Request for rectifying your personal data : This right authorizes you to correct your personal information if the data is incomplete or inaccurate.
  • Request for erasing the personal data : Those personal data which will no longer serve the business purpose are entitled to be erased by your permission. 
  • Request for putting a restriction on the processing of your personal data : This right authorizes you to request that your personal data to be processed in limited circumstances by us and that too with your permission.
  • Request for the portability of your personal data : This right entitles you to have a copy of the personal information which is given to us or to provide the same to the other data controller.

While doing this, it should be noted that most of the personal data about you is received from the information which is provided by you, so please make sure that the information is correct and keep updating the same by editing your profile.

Please also note that certain personal information may be exempt from the above rights which falls under the applicable data privacy or other laws and regulations.

You also have the right to withdraw your consent of processing your personal information anytime by contacting the Data Privacy Officer of the company. But this will not affect the company’s rights of processing your personal data prior to your withdrawal consent.

Measures taken for the Security

It is of utmost importance to the company to protect your privacy and personal information. You need to be assured that your personal data is in safe hands while dealing with the company. And for that reason, we do follow the applicable data privacy laws and our data policies. Our highly advanced technical measures also keep a check on protecting your personal data against any unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or loss. To maintain these arrangements, we have rules and regulations which are said to be the company’s protocols and controls.which almost nullifies the risks related to the categories of personal data and its proceedings. The personal data is stored on the servers with limited access and which is very well protected by the anti-virus software and also firewalls.