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Break Bulk –

The disintegration of cargo due to their oversized shape is the basic meaning of break bulk. In this process the goods which are transported by sea are divided into different vessels as the whole container can not be fitted into a single one. It is also known as break bulk shipping. Conventional shipping is another terminology which is connected to this. 

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Why Choose us for Break Bulk Services –

At SAR, our experts are well trained to process this for various types of goods such as construction equipment, oversized vehicles, cranes, turbine blades, ship propellers, large engines and many more. The main advantage of break bulk shipping is you can easily move your oversized and overweight goods smoothly which will otherwise not get fit in any other container. The items are first dismantled for this process and then kept in the ships. In many cases it is also an affordable way for such large cargo. And when you a partner like SAR Transport, you don’t need to think about this tedious process.  

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