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Container Purchase & Sell

At SAR Container Sales Division, We Are In A Position To Provide You With Any Type Of Containers You Require.
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PTI Certified

PTI is an inspection conducted on an empty reefer container BEFORE RELEASE, to ensure the correct functioning of the cooling unit, temperature control and recording devices.

CSC Plated

In general, any container used for international transport must have a valid safety approval plate or “CSC plate”. CSC is the abbreviation for Container Safety Convention.

Cargo Worthy

Criterion under which a used shipping container is deemed suitable for the transport of cargo under TIR / UIC / CSC, and meets all the standards laid out in its original specification.

Container Purchase and Sell 

SAR Transport has got specialization in the resale, trade and leasing of containers. Container purchase and sell saves both time and money as the containers can also be taken on rent which saves you from investing your big amount in the purchase of the same. We at SAR Transport are experts on providing this facility also to our partners so that they don’t need to worry about the big purchase.


Container Trading is closely related to the buying and selling of second hand containers. In this way you can rely on us as we provide the containers on lease, rent and trade as well. The containers are rented as per the demand of the clients which can be of any size or shape. 


As per as the quality of the containers is concerned, SAR Transport, which provides container transport service in Mumbai is PTI certified which is the certificate given before the release of the containers which checks the areas such as cooling unit, temperature control and recording devices. The containers rented are also CSC plated which ensures the safety of the containers and is a must for international transport.  

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