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Warehousing & Distribution Services

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A Leading Warehousing & Distribution Company

SAR is a leading warehousing and distribution services provider to help you fulfil your commitment to your customers globally.

Contract Logistics

We understand and concentrate on each factor of a particular project.

Third-Party Logistics (3PL Logistics)

SAR Transport is a prominent third-party logistics provider, which caters to the warehousing operations.

Warehouse Management

We present you multi-user warehousing facility, including shared, dedicated, and custom warehouses at cost-effective rates.

Contract Logistics

According to the market needs and demands for the all-round logistics services, we introduce Contract Logistics solutions to companies who want to observe and handle their operations through live data. As part of SAR Warehousing and distribution services, we render end-to-end services that include arranging, categorizing, labelling, packaging, strapping, bundling, etc.
A new and innovative inventory handling protocol known as Contract logistics in the value chain has a significant direct impact on the operation outcome. From the production to the final distribution of the products, we manage all the activities for seamless working.

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Third Party Logistics (3PL)

SAR is a 3PL logistics company in India that offers warehousing and distribution services which includes operations, inventory management, reverse logistics, transportation, end-to-end supply chain and all tailor-made logistics solutions to the diverse needs of its’ clients. Our team of operations experts and consultants render advanced 3PL services to various industries, including Textile, Healthcare, Solar Energy Trade, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Consumer Durable, IT, Telecom, Supplements, Automotive Food Grains, e-commerce, and more.

Our warehouses are well-equipped with the best inventory management equipment and racking systems. Furthermore, the warehouse Management System assists us to manage inventory.

Perfect Warehousing and Distribution Services

We provide customized warehouse management services based upon an individual’s requirement. We present the fully-operational warehouse area to all businesses- small, medium, and large entities. You can avail the following warehouse management services at the best rates:

Shared Warehouse:

Customers looking for the shared warehouse services can contact us to fulfil their needs of warehouse management. You will be just charged for the used warehouse area and services availed from us.

Dedicated Warehouse:

If you are in search of dedicated warehousing and distribution services company in India then we are here to help you. We offer you a dedicated or personalized warehouse space where you can store your inventory for further operations. We promise to keep it safe in our well-developed and equipped warehouses.

Custom Bonded Warehouse:

We manage and function custom bonded warehouses where payment of customs duty is generally delayed until the goods are dispatched from the warehouse. Such warehouses are usually required by clients with import and distribution networks. We offer comprehensive logistics services for flexible, short, medium, and long term.

Key services offered by SAR Warehousing & Distribution Division – 

Warehousing Management is that part of trade which offers innovative solutions and acts as a trading arm for the customer. SAR  takes measures in being a single point of contact and a consolidator for all commercial, legal and logistics’ solutions.

The team also makes sure that the client gets the right quality services at the right price by inspecting the quality and ensuring the compliances. SAR also proves to be a trusted partner for the companies willing to enter the Indian market by offering them the right channel partners along with the documentation.


The fundamental services which are propounded by SAR are listed below :

Key services offered by SAR Warehousing & Distribution Division – 

  1. Cartonization and De-Cartonization
  2. Strapping
  3. Packing or Repacking
  4. Customized WMS
  5. Palletization or Depalletization and Bulk Stocking
  6. Kitting
  7. Labeling
  8. Crating or Decrating  
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