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Customer-Centric Logistics

We organize shipments for corporations as well as individuals to procure goods from the manufacturer or producer to get it delivered to the customer or final point of contact.

Global Network

By working Glocally we offer our international freight services to every nook and corner of the world. We also take care of every level of volume, i.e., both LCL and FCL.

Extensive Experience

We respect customers’ time and hence follow the shipping deadlines as well and for that, we manage our shipments in such a way that we deliver them either before or on time.

Door-Step Delivery

By managing road transport we have got the resources which are able to provide door to door delivery. Hence we can handover the customer's cargo to their homes.

We’re all yours for any kind of logistics-related queries

SAR Transport Systems is one of the leading logistics and supply chain consultancies which has a global network with all the top companies across the world.

Our team is very dedicated towards providing customer satisfaction and has completed thousands of projects in more than 40 countries. This enables us to work better in the right direction to provide strategic as well as operational assignments all around the world. Our strong competencies make us one of the largest Freight Forwarder for India-USA and India-Canada market. SAR Transport Systems is now among one of the most trusted International Freight Forwarding Companies.

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We offer Multiple Services under One Roof


We are IATA (International Air Transport Association) certified company and one of the best Air Freight forwarder due to our in-house IATA (all airline stock), custom brokerage, warehousing and trucking.


We are third largest Ocean Freight forwarder for India-USA trade lane. Sea transportation is very smartly managed by taking due care of your cargo from India to various countries of North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia and many more.


Transportation via roads is the primary source of freight since inception. We have in-house trucking team who handles freight round the clock. So, shed your worries about your cargo. It will reach its destination via our trucks.


NVOCC which typically means Non Vessel Owning Common Carrier is the amount of quantity that is booked with the ships and sold to the shippers in small amounts. We do allocate the space to our customers as per needs hence you can leave the room for your cargo to be assigned to you on us.

4 PL

4 PL which is the abbreviation of Fourth Party Logistics, also known as Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) is the facility to provide a hassle free logistics service to its customers. Though its responsibility is very broad, it is cost effective and we from our side ensure you to deliver the best possible measures in this respect.


SAR Transport is a licensed custom broker. We as a freight forwarder serves the client with the documentation process of the country where the goods are going to be delivered with 100% percent accuracy.


We have got a wholesome team having a huge experience in the field of ISO tanks. The dedicated team will guide you appropriately on how to handle the high-risk cargoes as these tanks are basically needed to carry the hazardous consignment.

So what else are you looking for!!! Come to us and lighten your freight burden…

We are the answers for all your logistics-related worries. Starting from the typical freight forwarding to NVOCC, we ensure you to give the best possible logistics solutions. We are specialized in handling chemicals and argi-products including processed food stuff. Come and take the international freight forwarding ride with us.

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