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ISO Tank

Having a worldwide network making us ideally positioned to manage your transportation needs.…
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Superior, Safe & Speedy ISO Tank Service

SAR Transport provides the service seekers with the comprehensive transportation services for shipping hazardous & non-hazardous liquids and food-grade chemicals in large quantities within India and across borders of India-USA & India-Canada. We deploy the ISO Certified Tanks to transfer the bulk liquids speedily and safely to the desired location of our customers.


SAR has a dedicated ISO TANK professional team and Maintenance & Repair personnel who are focused and dedicated in handling Hazardous and non-hazardous chemical Tank movement in domestic and international business. We have a fleet of owned and leased ISO Tanks for domestic and international movement.


SAR is a global tank operator, having a worldwide network making us ideally positioned to manage your transportation needs. We can also give door-door services in most of the areas we serve. We provide SOC TANK MANAGEMENT for shipper owner tanks.

ISO Tank 1
ISO Tank 2

Practicality of ISO Tank Specifications

ISO Tank containers are available in different volumes and types with us. These cylindrical containers have a capacity of 21000-40000 litres and are ideal to carry liquids of dangerous, non-dangerous, and food-grade nature, including sulphuric acid, hydrogen, oils, solvents, food products, alcoholic content, and more.


The reasons why customers opt for SAR ISO Tank Services are listed below:


1. Cost-effective in comparison to other Carriers
2. High-level Safety of liquids
3. Temperature maintenance of liquids
4. No contamination risks
5. Convenience of storage and management
6. Zero requirements of extra packing layers

About ISO TANK & our core services.

Destination Served

South East Asia (Sin/port Klang), China, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Gulf, Upper Gulf, Med, USEC, UK, Europe and Other areas on case to case basis.

Type of Tanks Avalilable

Standard T-11 Type Tanks with Top Loading & Bottom Discharge & all our tanks have Steam Heating Provision.

Internal Sell

Stainless Steel - 316 L


24 KL / 25 KL / 26 KL

Inventory available

Location such as Nhava sheva / Kandla / USA/ Chennai / Singapore / Port Klang / Indonesia / Korea / Europe

About ISO Tank, Type & the Technical specification

An ISO tank container is a large stainless steel pressure vessel held within a 20-foot ISO Frame that is used for the transportation and storage of bulk liquids. An ISO tank container can carry up to 66% more product than a standard 20 ft dry box loaded with 70-80 drums of the same product, lowering the unit shipping costs while assuring a safe containment of the cargo. Due to its ease of handling effectiveness and efficiency, ISO tank containers are the preferred mode for bulk liquid transportation.


The IMO classifications for ISO Tank Containers have been replaced by the ‘T’ code system in 2001. It identifies tank containers from T1 through T22, T50, T75 and specific type of cargoes each container is designed to carry.


IMO Type 1: – Hazardous Tanks – approved for transportation of substance of Class 1 and Classes 3 through 9 where the liquids have a flashpoint of less than O°C. Some examples of the types of liquids include explosives, Flammable liquids, corrosive, and toxic substance.


IMO Type 2: – Low Hazardous Tanks – approved for Transporation of Class 3 substance that have a flashpoint of 0-61°C. Some examples of combustible liquids include diesel and cooking oils.


IMO Type 5: – Gas Tanks – approved for transport of non-refrigerated liquefied gases of Class 2.


We have Tank Type T-11 in our fleet, which are suitable to carry IMO 1 & 2 cargoes.


CIMC Specifications

Design Type Beam/Burg Collar
Capacity 24,000-26,000 Ltrs
Maximun Gross Wieght 36,000Kg
Dimensions(L * W * H ) 19'10.5" * 8'0" * 8'6"
Shell Material 316L Stainless Steel
Barrel Thickness 4.5-5.55mm
Pressures working, Test, Vacuum 4 bar , 6 bar , 0.41 bar
Design Temperature -40 to 130
Design Code ASME VIII Division 1
Standard Fittings: Manlid Fortvale/Swit 500mm diameter,hinged 8 swing blot cover
Airline 1.5" ball valve with 1.5" BSP terminal connection
Bottem Outlet 3" 45 Stainless Steel footvalve with 3" BSP Stainless Steal cap, Remote Closure System
Top Outlet 3" NB Weld in and Stainless Steel blank flanges
Safety Relief Valve 2.5" valve set at 4.4 bar
Thermometer Glycerin filled surface type analogue thermometer(-40 to 160)
Steam Heating 8 longitudonal element with 1"/0.75" BSP inlet/outlet
Insulation 45mm polyurethane or 50mm rockwool.
Cladding White GRP / White Painted Aluminium.
Approvals ASME VIII(where applicable),US DOT, UK Dft, IMDG, 49CER, RID/ADR ISO Standard 1496/3 UIC, CSC, TC, AAR 600, TIR, FRA
Optional items Provisions for handrails, fusible links