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Cargo Consolidation

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Cargo Consolidation

The word cargo means goods to be delivered and consolidation means the process of combining many things into a single one. Thus, Cargo Consolidation simply means the idea of merging various small units of goods into a single big component. In this process the cargo from one or multiple shippers is combined into one single shipment. Instead of sending many small shipments separately, shippers can arrange the same into one big shipping container. Thus cargo consolidation increases the profitability and decreases the fuss. 

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We make Cargo Consolidation easy

SAR Transport makes sure that you get the advantage of both Air Freight Consolidation and Sea Freight Consolidation in order to avoid inconvenience.

Warehousing which comes under 3PL (Third Party Logistics) service is also provided by SAR Transport. It means storing goods for future sale or distribution. The service can be customized as per customer’s needs and requirements which depend on the market’s situation and demand. Our dedicated team can collect products from suppliers, store them in the warehouses and distribute them later on the call of our customers in order to make cargo consolidation smooth and easy.