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Below are questions we frequently receive from interested parties.

If you would like to speak to someone directly, please feel free to call us!

Our company already has people to look after logistics. Can SAR still be of any use to us ?

FAQ 1Yes for sure ! We can greatly assist the individual(s) or team(s) in charge of the expense reduction by handling the work associated with the analysis and RFQ negotiation process while you maintain  focus on the internal items. Many of our clients have testified that bringing SAR Transport was one of the best logistics decision that they’ve ever made. We can partner with your people and make the cost cutting easier than you’ve ever imagined.

Are you going to try to switch us to some low-cost or ``non name`` carrier ?

aSAR Transport’s vision has been to reduce costs with your incumbent carriers. We have exceptional long-term relationships with a broad network of well known, established carriers and can easily provide other options should your company choose to transition carriers.


I would like to set up an account with SAR Transport, do I wait until my shipment arrives at customs to begin the documentation?

FAQ 2No, to avoid shipment delays an account should be set up well in advance of shipment arrival. There are documents that will require your original signature to authorize to SAR Transport act on your behalf with the Customs Authorities.


Will I get a lower rate of duty on my imported goods if I switch my business over to SAR Transport Systems?

FAQ 3If your current/previous broker was incorrectly classifying your products, you may be entitled to a lower duty rate. However, duty rates are not a negotiable commodity, and if the shipment is classified correctly, the same rate of duty will apply to all brokers and importers.


Does SAR Transport ship personal effects?

FAQ 4Yes, we do accept any type of personal effects for shipment.



What is dimensional weight?

FAQ 5The concept of dimensional weight (also known as “dim weight” or “volumetric weight”) has been adopted worldwide by the transportation industry as a means of establishing a minimum charge for the cubic space a shipment occupies while in transit. By charging only for the actual weight, lightweight, low density freight would become unprofitable quickly for freight carriers.  Carriers use the greater of the actual weight or dimensional weight to calculate shipping charges, based on the following formula:  (Length x Width x Height) / (Dimensional Factor).  The “dimensional factor” varies based on metric versus imperial measurement, as well as whether the shipment is domestic versus international.  Contact our customer service department for a more detailed explanation.

Can I pack a few personal items in with my business shipment?

FAQ 6No, you may not. Attempting to mix personal effects with a commercial shipment will often result in significant fines by customs officials and/or your shipment being impounded by the local authorities.


Do I have to deal with Customs when shipping internationally?

FAQ 7Not at all.  Our customer service team, in partnership with hundreds of affiliates worldwide, will do what it takes to get your shipment processed and released by customs as quickly as possible.  Should any difficulties arise, such as customs exams or supplemental paperwork requests, we will smooth the way for you, providing daily updates.


Should I insure my cargo?

FAQ 8Yes, we always recommend that you take out cargo insurance.  It is inexpensive and protects you from unforeseen hazards. If you do not request insurance, we don’t insure the cargo. Note that you may only insure your shipment for your replacement cost, not the amount that you are selling it to your customer for. You may not request insurance after-the-fact on a shipment that has already been tendered to us and is in transit.

How long will delivery take?

FAQ 9Transit time obviously varies with the mode of service you select.  When you request your quote or place your order, or customer service team will give you an estimate of the transit time.  Service levels can range from very exact, date-specific delivery to low-cost common carrier trucking with a 2-3 day delivery window.  Ask one of our team members for the specifics of your shipment.

Will our data remain private?

FAQ 10100%! We will not share your company’s shipping data with anyone.