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Freight Forwarding

When a business decides to export their products they soon realize that they have to deal with the numerous barriers that have to be overcome to ship the product to the end customer. In many cases a business will look to a specialist, called a freight forwarder, who can manage these obstacles. SAR Transport is in the success of your business.
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We Understand Your Business

Our consultants analyse your existing systems and process to implement a tailored solution

Our Global Network

We can help you ship your consignment anywhere around the world.

We Expertise in

We have the domain experience to and understanding of costs related to shipping and logistics operations.


We complement your business

SAR Transport specialized in Freight forwarding, we have decade of experience which will complement your business needs. We take care of shipping needs, from packaging, labeling, documentation, shipping, custom clearance and finally the delivery at the destination. Our comprehensive portfolio of global freight forwarding services creates innovative supply chain solutions for multiple industries. We have access to the global network, advanced IT backed by specialized teams which will help your freight shipments. Our Air and ocean freight forwarding services bring those parts together to make managing your supply chain more simple.


Trucking the goods to the warehouse.

Packing & Labelling

Packing & Labelling of consignment as per the shipping norms.


Shipping the consignment using the various means of transportation.

Custom Clearance

Working as a Customs Broker and getting the consignment cleared as per the custom laws of the source & destination country.

Our Global Network

Full Container Load (FCL) shipping is the core services for exporters / importers all across the world. We have contracts with all major carrier which gives you’re the flexibility to choose your preferred carrier. Our panel of experts specializes in North & Latin America trade laniard makes us a clear leader in this sector.

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We Understand your business terms

We understand your business and help your deliver the consignment at your business terms. All your shipments can be delivered any part of the world, completely cleared by customs with all duties and fees paid according to customs regulation and laws in action. Additionally, we can provide the Inland Freight,  Transportation, service across the borders to USA, Canada and Latin America.

We Specialise In

Dangerous Goods or Hazardous Goods have been given this name for a reason. These goods need to handled with utmost care and consideration of its dangerous nature and any mis-declaration, mis-communication or incorrect documentation could have severe consequences and could prove disastrous to human lives on shore or on a ship. SAR Transports ability and experience in handling DG cargo as per international norms, has given it a premier in this sphere in India.

Freight Forwarding 2
Freight Forwarding 3

Project Cargo

To help you navigate the complex requirements that encompass the transportation of heavy and over-dimensional equipment, our Project Cargo group offers integrated logistics project management and transportation services to ensure your freight reaches its destination according to plan. We have established ourselves as a renowned logistic company engaged in import and exports of Liquids including chemicals as well.