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Tank Division

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Shaped like a cylinder, ISO Tank is one of the most prominent services which is offered by SAR Transport. The clients don’t need to worry about the hazardous liquids. SAR Transport takes care of the bulk liquid and is an expert in sending them very safely without any damage. ISO tanks are designed by considering the ISO standard for sending the liquid in bulk. They are built for both hazardous and non-hazardous goods.

Tank Division 1
Tank Division 1

Stainless steel is used to make the tanks which are then covered by various protective layers. It is a pressure vessel which has dimensions of 20’*8’*8.5. They vary in sizes as well as types. The tanks carry the liquid which ranges from 21000 litres to 40000 litres. The types of liquid which can be carried in the tanks are sulphuric acid, nitric acid, hydrogen peroxide, mining chemicals, oils, food products, solvents, resins, alcoholic beverages, all types of water.

SAR Transport has an elite partner who makes it possible for the company to send these above listed liquids across the world. We are happy to announce that M&S Logistics is that name which is associated with SAR Transport for providing this service. They are one of the leading operators in terms of ISO Tank. They have got specialization in Food Grade tanks and IMO 1 type. Their specialized team has got a perfect knowledge of handling ISO Tanks and Gas Tank Containers.

Tank Division 1