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China spearheads global economic development

Against the backdrop of a worldwide wave of protectionism, China still sustains an enormous potential market, spearheading the global economic development, the Economic Daily reported. It is the mainstream idea...

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Rose de Cascia

One could easily think that the ‘Ship of the Year award 2017’ for the innovative fishing vessel MDV-1, won together with shipyard Hoekman from Urk, seems to have paid dividend...

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Readers’ Picks of the Week (October 30 – November 3, 2017)

, Readers’ Picks of the Week (October 30 – November 3, 2017), , World Maritime News World Maritime News, , http://worldmaritimenews.com/archives/234246/readers-picks-of-the-week-october-30-november-3-2017/, http://feeds.feedburner.com/worldmaritimenews/Ltoh, World Maritime News, The industry's seaborne news provider,...

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