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Top 6 Reasons to Ship your Cargo Through Sea Freight

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Sea freight Services

Top 6 Reasons to Ship your Cargo Through Sea Freight

Throughout history, oceans have been key to people across the globe as a means of transportation. The two most common means that are almost the only applicable options for international delivery of goods are air freight and sea freight. These options come handy when automobiles, machinery or other goods need to be shipped across borders. There are many factors that should be considered while selecting the mode of transport for your cargo i.e. ocean or air.


These factors include dependability, cargo volume, freight and forwarding charges, and the speed at which the goods are to be transported to the desired location. Distance, time, safety, and impact on the environment are a few more factors to be considered before finalizing any mode of transportation for freight shipment.


However, sea freight shipment eventually has its plus points over air freight services.



ocean freight services

ocean freight services


Ocean Freight is a Cheap Freight:



In comparison to the shipping of consignment via air, ocean freight is inexpensive and greatly economically viable for heavier cargos. There are several reasons behind the affordability of sea freight services, including the low maintenance cost of sea carriers and billing methods.


When you ship your goods via sea then you’ve to pay per container charges for shipping in standard containers of which 20-feet and 40-feet are the most common ones. In case, you are transporting less than a carrier load, the rate is often calculated by cubic meter. On the other hand, the chargeable weight is considered when shipping cargo through air. The chargeable weight is estimated from a combination of the size and weight of a consignment.




Smooth Transfer of Bulky Goods via Sea Freight Services:


Heavy-duty and bulkier items can be transferred with utmost convenience through ocean freight and that too without incurring additional costs. Airplanes cannot ship bulky items like automobile parts, industrial assets, machinery, etc. while ships can carry all these goods without any hassle.




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Sea Freight Helps in Foreign Trade:


While air transport has widely opted for international shipping these days, seaways have been for long linking the global trade markets. Even till date, foreign trade relies on ocean shipping.


Eco-friendly Mode of Transportation: Due to lesser fuel consumption by ships in comparison to airplanes, ocean cargo shipping has minimal carbon footprints. As they are Eco-friendly, many largest freight forwarding companies in India choose them over other means of transport.



Sea freight services_ SAR



Assured Safety:



Ships are engineered to carry heavier loads and hazardous materials safely. The ocean freight service providers are familiar with the ins and outs of the industry and are proficient in the handling of such items. They have management in place to ensure the security of the cargo. The containers in which goods are to be stored are made keeping in mind the security factor of your belongings. They are locked and then shipped for added protection.


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Sea freight companies can ship your cargo with ease irrespective of the consignment size. Small and low-volume shipments can be clubbed together with another consignment to fully load a container, settled for cost-sharing and less than container load for the transportation services. Big cargos can be stored in single or multiple containers, offering shippers bulk options. The containers are the best way to move high-volume cargo as they are made to carry large amounts of goods.



The above points prove that cargo movement is smooth with sea transport than with air transport. For a successful transfer of consignment to a different location through the sea, you need to hire a professional Logistics service provider like SAR Transport Systems. Avail Professional Sea Freight Forwarding Services at Economical Rates.



Ocean freight service_SAR



Fortunately, SAR Transport Systems is here to help you in the matters of both air as well as ocean freight forwarding. We are one of the top Logistics companies in India offering commercial freight forwarding facilities for decades on India-USA lane. We also play the role of Logistics consultant by assisting you in finding the right type of freight forwarding for your business.
Whichever you choose, our competent experts will make every possible effort to meet your requirements when it comes to transporting your goods. We have a team of professionals with years of experience in the Logistics and Transportation industry that enables us to bring just the appropriate shipping strategy to you.



On top of all that, all the complex documentation involved in the shipment of goods by the ocean is taken care by us. We’ll inform you about all the required documents for customs clearance so you can arrange them beforehand to prevent any future complications.
Cost is one of the main concerns of all customers when consulting Logistics service providers but with us, you won’t have to worry about the same. We offer high-level ocean freight services at the best prices that are appropriate for the quality that we deliver.



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