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How to get the Freight Services at Lower Freight Rates

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How to get the Freight Services at Lower Freight Rates

Freight shipping is an essential aspect of many businesses. In fact, allocating a considerable budget for freight shipping is a common practice among most businesses dealing with logistics. A huge expenditure for any business, isn’t it? There is nothing much to worry though. If your current freight rates are bothering you, its time you strategize to keep freight rates down and service up!


Cutting down on freight and forwarding charges might seem an impossible task, especially if no one told you about the “how” yet. Here are some innovative ways to cut down on those huge freight shipping costs.



Freight Shipping

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Build loyalty with freight forwarders for lower freight rates


Businesses dealing with the transport of cargo and goods are well aware of the benefits of trusted freight shipping companies or advantages of freight forwarders. Also, when you ship your logistics regularly through one freight forwarder, they become aware of your freight movements. This helps the carriers to market required backhauls and make the carrier more efficient. As a result your freight rates reduces. 


So the next time you are sending out RFPs, make sure that you have a separate bucket for freight forwarding agencies that you have worked with. Getting a loyal customer will also encourage them to come up with innovative ideas for reducing your freight rates and keeping your services up!


Introduce proactive planning to your Supply Chain


Did you know, you can save up to 20% of your freight and forwarding charges simply by planning ahead? Planning ahead in supply chain always increases delivery lead time. When you give advance notice to your freight shipping forwarders for future loads, they are able to maximize assets. On prior notice, experienced and trusted freight forwarding companies like SAR Transport can help you cut down on your freight rates considerably. You can also save up on warehousing space, trailer idle time, load time and extended transportation support. Remember, the longer the notice, the more efficient your freights shipment becomes, thus giving a boost to your services.


Package goods properly to minimize Pallet Space


Many products transported using freight services require extra careful packaging, like using airbags, straps, blocking and bracing, to prevent them from any damage during transportation. Fragile goods often make businesses go overboard with excess packaging. This leads to spending extra bucks for utilizing larger pallet space, leading to higher freight rates. A good freight forwarding company like SAR Transport will not only help you reduce dunnage while packing goods for transport, but will also help you optimize the stacking of products in pallets. Proper packaging and optimized stacking in pallets do save a lot on freight charges.


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Bulk Shipping_SAR


Ship in Bulk to bring down Freight Rates


What seems more logical and cost-effective? Transporting a large shipment once a week? Or sending the same volume of goods in two installments, every three days. The first one, no doubt. It is always advisable to ship more products, less frequently if you want to reduce your freight and forwarding charges. It helps you save up to 50% of your freight rates. But, most retailers refrain from receiving bulk orders. You can always offer incentive schemes on inventory, and cost-share options for such retailers.



Get in Touch with Local Freight Forwarders


Local freight forwarders, based near your ship-to points, can offer you lower freight rates as your cargo may become a backhaul for them. Filling empty miles makes their carrier more efficient, and that’s how they are able to offer you lower freight rates. Get in touch with SAR transport today if you are looking for freight forwarders in Mumbai.



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Be open to Shipping on Off-peak days and Night pick-ups


Fridays and Mondays are considered as off-pick days when carriers are generally looking for freights and usually offer lower freight rates on these days. Off-peak freight shipping is a great money saver for non-consumer goods and products and can help businesses save 10% extra than freights being shipped on pick days.


Similarly, night time pick-ups help you save 15 % to 20 % on your freight rates. Night pick-ups give freight shipping agencies the opportunity to load your shipment into a backhaul. It helps freight shipment providers optimize carriers, especially on long hauls and offer you cheaper freight rates.


You can also become part of a consolidation program to bring down freight and forwarding charges on smaller shipments. It is best for small companies to outsource the total transportation department to save time, money and the nitty-gritty of setting up and maintaining an internal team. 


SAR transport is considered as one of the leading freight forwarding companies in India. We provide different kinds of freight services by air, water, rail, and road transport. Get in touch with us today for free freight consultation and lower freight rates.


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