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Top 5 Benefits of Using Air Freight Services

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Top 5 Benefits of Using Air Freight Services

In today’s world, when we want everything at our fingertips, and timely. Air freight services play a vital role in this. With the global e-commerce industry growing at light speed, the demand for air freight and cargo services is increasing with every passing day. Air freight services not only benefit the e-commerce industry, but has also proved to be a boon to industries like medical, pharmaceutical, automobile, manufacturing, and other seasonal industries. Convenience, dependability and efficiency are the three major factors why more and more businesses are shifting to air freight transport for cargo and logistics.


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Air freight volumes have reached a height of approximately 63.3 million metric tonnes in 2018-19. Businesses that are already using air freight services are well acquainted with the boons of this cargo and logistics transport service. For those businesses who are still trying to decide whether it’s time to upgrade to the next level of freight transportation, here are some pointers which will surely prove to be useful to your decision-making process.


Instead of starting with the usual “What is air freight”, let’s quickly jump on to the benefits of air freight services. After all, it’s common knowledge that it denotes the use of commercial, chartered and passenger vehicles for the purposes of efficient logistics. 


Here are five main factors which you might want to keep in mind while considering Air Freight Services for your business –


Border Less Shipment Services:


The first thing which needs to be mentioned while discussing the benefits of air freight services is that it gives you the ability to ship your cargo anywhere around the globe. You may point out that water freight services (shipping), and road transport also deliver cargo around the world, but cargo ships are confined to the harbors and cargo vans to border regulations. In most cases, air freight shipping services, with its ability to access different terrains, save you the extra transportation cost.



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Speed and Efficiency:



Actually, this is what comes to our minds first when we think of air freight & Cargo. Undoubtedly, this is the fastest mode of transporting your cargo from one place to another. Air freight services are thus the ideal mode of transport for perishable goods with considerable shorter shelf life. Speed and efficiency of air freight services make it the best medium of cargo transport in international trade.






Safe and Secure Goods and Cargo Transport:


We all know the high level of security measures followed by every airport. The same goes for the goods that are transported using air freight services. The use of modern technologies and advanced web tracking system helps you track your goods and cargo on a real-time basis. Hence, there are negligible chances of your goods being misplaced.


Also using air freight services means, your cargo is not only making fewer stops, but is also being handled with care during transit to prevent it from any damage.


Saves Warehousing Cost:


The transit time in air freight is much shorter than any other modes of goods transport. Thus helps in  reducing the need for local warehousing and keeping items in stock. Customs clearance, inspection and release of cargo is handled much more efficiently in air freight services.



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Lower Insurance for Goods Transported:


Businesses often pay hefty amounts as insurance for goods and cargo transport. However, as air freight services take lower transportation time, insurance charges become considerably low. Hence, even if businesses are paying high air freight rates, they save up much more on insurance premium.


Now, learning about the benefits of air freight services is only the first step. What’s more important is finding the right logistics partner for your business. SAR transport is an IATA certified air freight service provider and the best air freight forwarders in Mumbai owning warehouses and dedicated transport systems at Mumbai, India for handling Air Cargo. With years of experience in air freight services, we have become experts in delivering perishable goods, hazardous cargo, and oversized cargo. You can also get in touch with us for logistics and supply chain consultancies.  



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How freight forwarders are going to benefit your business?

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