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Why Business Today Should Use Only Trusted Air Freight Services   

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Why Business Today Should Use Only Trusted Air Freight Services   

The value for time has been on a constant rise since time unknown! Today, we want everything to happen as per schedule. Who likes delay? The same goes for businesses dealing with logistics. Whether it is sending or delivering goods, we want it on time. Air freight service is the perfect solution for the need of the hour. In fact, air freight has become an integral part of any business’s supply and transport chain.


While we have already discussed the benefits of air freight services before, we must understand that reaping the full benefits is only possible when you use trusted air freight services.


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We all know that air freight service providers or air freight forwarders are the agents who act on behalf of businesses (importers and exporters) to ensure secure, efficient and cost-effective transport of goods and cargo.


You can choose from the multiple options when you type “air freight services” on google. You will also find many air freight forwarders listed on the e-marketplace. But hey! Don’t just base your decisions on deals and discounts. You should always choose a trusted air freight forwarder for your logistics.


So, why is it essential for businesses and companies to choose only trusted air freight service providers? Let’s quickly look at some important benefits of using trusted air freight services.


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Important Benefits of using Trusted Air Freight Services –


Experience in the Air Freight Domain –




Trusted air freight forwarder or service providers are usually backed with years of extensive experience in the domain. Experienced air freight service providers always first take into account the type of cargo (perishable or hazardous), cost, transit, warehousing need and security and then investigate and suggest the ideal route for your shipment. You can also seek their guidance while packaging your goods for transport.


Ease of Documentation and Other Transport Formalities –


Air freight Documentation_SAR


Transporting a shipment involves a lot of documentation – commercial invoice, detailed packing list, EIN number or Tax ID number and other documents specific to the country of delivery. While, you may find many air freight service providers offering you cheap rates for goods and cargo transport. But are they really trustworthy? Are they compliant with rules and regulations demanded by the international travel regulatory bodies?


A trusted air freight forwarder will obtain, check and prepare all documentation required for custom clearance, insurance requirements, and to be compliant with the rules and fiscal regimes of other countries. What’s more? A trusted air freight forwarder not only guides you through complex freight transport procedures and formalities, but also assists you for air freight payments, collection of payments and even during insurance claim settlements.



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Frequency and Global Network for Goods and Cargo Transport –


Any trusted air freight company with an IATA license and extensive experience usually has the accessibility to large pools of airlines. Hence they can ensure prompt transport of your goods (even on a very short notice). Such an arrangement also gives them the opportunity to better flight capacities and offers you lower tariff rates than usual.


Also, strong global networks of trusted air freight companies enable them to offer you extended support for stocking and transporting your goods. For example, a trusted air freight service provider will help you arrange for a warehouse or an additional road transportation of your goods, if required.


Special Care for Delicate Goods –


Air freight is heavily used in critical industry segments like medical, pharmaceutical, livestock and chemical. Logistics of such industries are highly delicate, even hazardous. Using a trusted air freight forwarder to transport such goods only seems a logical option. Trusted and experienced air freight forwarders will ensure extra care to be taken for handling containers and cargoes carrying hazardous and dangerous goods.


Security of your Shipment  –


Unless you use a trusted air freight forwarder, there are high chances of goods being misplaced during transport, and none to take the ownership. Trusted air freight providers ensure that your goods/cargoes are always secure, from the time it is received till it is delivered at its destination.


Air Freight Forwarder_SAR


SAR Transport is one of the most trusted air freight forwarders in Mumbai. Apart from providing efficient and cost-effective air freight services, we also specialize in temperature-controlled air cargo, handling and transporting hazardous cargo and oversized cargo. Also, get in touch with us for end-to-end logistics’ consultancy and solutions. 


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