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5 Traits of the Best Freight Forwarder

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5 Traits of the Best Freight Forwarder

The requirement for the best freight forwarder in India is a must for every kind of business. It is quite like an indispensable activity to inculcate in your business. Whether you want to import or export yarn, foodstuff, pharmaceuticals, agricultural products, stone granite marbles, chemicals, engineering goods, automotive, carpets, ayurvedic products, food and drink, e-Commerce, retail, furniture or any other items you need a freight forwarder or a freight forwarding company for all your logistics’ need or for any kind of shipment. 


Well, if you are not familiar with the term “freight forwarder” and why freight forwarders are essential for your business then this post will help you understand the terminologies. Read ahead to know every aspect of the term ‘freight forwarder’. 



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Who is a Freight Forwarder? 

The one who works as an intermediate between the two. Those who want to send the goods and those who own transporting vehicles. 


What Freight Forwarder does?

A freight forwarder does everything related to freight transportation or freight services. They arrange shipments, prepare documents, consolidate cargos, negotiate with shipping companies, book cargo space, fill insurance claims, do warehousing, packing, door to door services and many more.  


What kind of Services are Provided by the Best Freight Forwarders?




Multiple Freight Services_SAR


Freight Forwarders provide Multiple Services like – 


  1. Sea freight 
  2. Airfreight 
  3. Trucking
  4. Warehousing & distribution
  5. Customs broking
  6. Door to Door service
  7. Inventory management
  8. Documentation
  9. ISO Tank
  10. Project Cargo
  11. Breakbulk 
  12. Consultancy and more.



Why Freight Forwarders are Important for Business?


Freight forwarders or largest freight forwarding companies ensure smooth and fast shipment of goods. They do all the process from loading and unloading the cargo to custom clearance and documentation. They make freight transportation easy and reliable. 



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5 Traits of the Best Freight Forwarder are – 


1. Experienced Freight Forwarder –



freight forwarder In India


Services backed by years of experience matters a lot especially in freight forwarding services. A single mistake will cost you much more money and trouble both. Choose from one of the best freight forwarders in Mumbai who possesses the right industry knowledge and has experience in sending cargos via the right means of transportation at the right time at the right price. Their industry knowledge and experience will save you from any mistake. Experience plays a vital role in freight forwarding services. One should choose the right freight forwarding company for its import and export needs. If you want to send cargo by air freight then you need an air freight forwarder specialist, not the one who provides only sea freight forwarding services.  



2. Accreditations – 


Accreditations and Global Network Membership play a very important role to build trust and reliability in the market among customers. Accreditations confirm the seriousness and professionalism of a company as these are kinds of certificates confirming compliance of all the rules and regulations of the industry. Being a part of a member of any reputed  Global Network ensures safety and coverage of funds involved.


Thus freight forwarding companies with accreditations assure the customers that they have hired some reliable company for freight services.  


Certificates, membership, and licenses like – WCA membership, MPL Logistics, African Logistics, MTO, FMC license, IATA, FIATA, Custom broking license assure the company’s reliability. 



3. Extensive and Reliable Network –   


Freight forwarding service is something that is based on the network. Reliable freight forwarding agents and customs brokers are required at the country’s origin and destination. They send the cargo-related information timely which assures the customer. The strong network allows the freight forwarder to work effortlessly. This provides the services at an affordable price to the customers. All you should do before finalizing the freight forwarder is to know the network areas of the freight forwarding company or the freight forwarder you are selecting. This ensures the smooth shipping of your cargo. Communication between the shipper and the forwarder is essential. Thus through strong network real-time location of a shipment can be known. 



4. Dedicated Customer Service and Support –


Customer Service_SAR



A company that understands the importance of customers and treats the customers as an asset then choose that company for your logistics requirements. Communication between shippers and forwarders is essential.  Freight forwarding company with dedicated customer support service is right for you. Shipping is not an easy task and trouble issues during the shipping are a part of it. A good freight forwarder must handle the things effortlessly and smoothly and provide you strong customer service. 



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5. Effective solutions with Proper Storing and Packaging –


logistics services



Look for a freight forwarder who provides effective logistics solutions for your business. Well, various modes of transportation are available. A freight forwarder suggests you the best solution which fulfills your requirement and comes in your budget. Before sending goods to the destination you need proper packaging of goods in order to keep them safe. They do take care of all such things also. However, there are multiple modes of shipment, which include sea freight services, air freight services, and trucking. Regardless of shipment type freight forwarder should ensure goods should be packed properly and should not get damaged. It is advisable to choose a freight forwarder who knows how to handle the different types of goods during shipping. For example – fresh fruits and vegetables need to import or export in temperature-controlled cargo.  


So whenever you look for the best freight forwarder keep this must-have check-list of their qualities which ensure you to have the best logistics services in India. 



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5 Benefits of Hiring a Freight Forwarding Company

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