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6 Benefits of Warehousing & Distribution Services for Small Businesses

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6 Benefits of Warehousing & Distribution Services for Small Businesses

The term Warehousing & Distribution Services is new to many. Though some are very well versed with the terms warehouse and distribution but very few know the importance of these terms in logistics’ world. Here in this blog, you will come to know how warehousing & distribution services benefit small businesses in the most effective way.


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What are Warehousing & Distribution Services?


Warehousing & Distribution Service Definition –


A place that is kept for storing goods that are to be used for future use is called a Warehouse. Utmost care is taken while appointing the people who are involved in the administration of the goods in the warehouse. They are highly skilled, educated and professional in their behavior. The warehouses are designed in such a way that non-perishable as well as perishable goods can be kept properly. Warehousing and Distribution services are integral parts of 3PL. These services are rendered on behalf of the original makers of the goods and later on distributed directly to the customers. These services are favorable to the companies for managing their business productively.


Warehouses should always be well equipped with the latest technology and so is SAR for its clients. This is why SAR is capable of attaining its clients’ demands with the modern approach. Those Warehousing and distribution companies which have a very strong and powerful logistics’ management system can monitor the status of their inventory in the most competent manner.


There are various safety measures also which the companies need to take care of like favorable temperature for the temperature-controlled goods, disinfectioning of the harmful germs and bacteria, pest control and proper maintenance of the warehouse. Potential customers always look forward to these security means.



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Which Warehouse Value-added Services are required by the customers?


  • Palletization & Depalletization
  • Labeling
  • Cartonization & De-Cartonization
  • Strapping
  • Shrink & Stretch Wrapping
  • Packing & Repacking
  • Crating & Decrating
  • Kitting
  • Customized Warehouse management system.



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Warehousing & Distribution Services_SAR




Top 6 Benefits of Warehousing & Distribution Services useful for Small Businesses


In order to meet the demands of the products, third party logistics’ providers are specialized in providing a consolidated solution for warehousing of the products and distribution of the same. Warehousing and Distribution is an intrinsic part of 3PL and supply chain management. Service providers often try to extend their services which include these as a part of value-added services. There are various benefits of Warehousing and Distribution which are listed below :



A way for Expansion –


When the manufacturer outsources the storage and distribution services, he is able to focus more on its core competency for the purpose of expanding his central business. The same space which is supposed to be used for storing goods can now be used for its key cause, i.e. improving the process and developing the products.



Services beyond the Core Business –


The storage and distribution centers that operate in today’s world do work that go beyond their basic function which is storage of goods. Inventory management is also handled by these service providers which consist of picking of the products from its initial point, packing of the products and shipping of the same as well.



For Stabilizing the Prices –


Warehousing and Distribution services company in India help a lot in keeping the stability of prices at the same level. A regular supply of goods maintained by storing the goods when the supply is more and releasing the same goods when the demand exceeds the supply.



Warehousing services in Mumbai_SAR



Meeting the Financial Aspect –


The owner of the business can also borrow money against the security of the goods which are kept in the warehouse for the purpose of storing them. Thus, the same money can be used in business.



Spot Stocking –


It is a technique which is basically used by the agricultural sector for seasonal products. These kinds of warehouses do not function round the year, instead, they are placed in various locations and near to the markets so that it becomes easy to meet the demands of the customers quickly.




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Reduces Business Risk –


When the goods are kept at the warehouse, they are insured at the risk of the warehouse owner. It becomes the sole responsibility of the owner to safeguard the goods. To keep the goods safe from theft, fire or any kind of damage in sensitive areas, it is advisable to outsource the facility of warehousing and distribution services. It also transfers the risk to the warehouse and the owner will be responsible for any loss and will be paying the compensation.



Warehousing & distribution company in Mumbai_SAR



SAR : A Leading Warehousing & Distribution Services Provider 

Looking for Best warehousing & distribution services? Your search comes to an end here. We possess best warehouses in India and You can always come to us for saving your warehousing cost, which will ultimately help you concentrate more on your primary trade.

Call us now at 91-22-40964200 or write an email to info@sartransport.com.


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