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Facts You Need To Know About Ocean Freight Services

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Facts You Need To Know About Ocean Freight Services

| Ocean Freight Services render more benefits to the transporters than any other freight shipping method. It is an economical, environmentally-friendly way, which allows you to ship oversized cargo, offers greater space and security while shipping |


When it comes to transporting cargo to international countries then a transporter has two options, including ocean freight shipping and air freight shipping. Though it’s complete the sender’s choice which mode of shipping he or she wants to choose but it’s crucial for them to know the advantages that they can get by Ocean freight services.



In ancient times people used to send the cargo via ocean as international locations are well-connected to the ports. This post answers some questions in regard to ocean freight shipment, which will give you a clear view why sea freight services provide an edge over transportation modes.



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What is Ocean Freight?


Sea freight is a way to transport commodities across the globe with the help of large freight ships. The ocean freight shipping service providers pack the goods in the containers and further they are loaded onto a shipping vessel for sailing to the destination location.


How much does Sea Freight Cost?


Cost is one of the most significant factors that influence the shipper’s choice of mode of freight shipment. In comparison to the road, rail, and air transportation, ocean freight shipping services are cheaper.


In case of shipping consignment via air, you will be charged based on the size and weight of the cargo, whereas in case of ocean freight shipping, the cost is calculated based on the container’s size; volume is not considered.


If calculated, the sea freight cost is 4 to 6 times lower than the air freight. Therefore, with such an estimation, a shipper can conclude that shipping cargo via sea is a much cost-effective option.


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Is Ocean Freight transportation ideal for Oversized Cargo?


This benefit of Ocean freight services cannot be overlooked- it allows you to carry oversized or bulky cargo with ease. Bulky cargo or Not in Trailer (NIT) loads or breakbulk can be shipped abroad through ocean shipping. Usually, such consignments are utilized by the transporters to carry heavy equipment, vehicles, construction goods, etc.

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How much storage space is available for the Ocean Freight Shipment?

Irrespective of the shipment sizes and volumes, ocean freight companies can meet all your requirements related to freight transportation or shipment. In the case of small-sized shipments, you can club them together with other cargo to fill a full container. Sharing the container with other can significantly reduce the sea freight cost. On the other hand, if the cargo is of larger size then you have a larger space on board for goods storage in bulk amount. When you opt for Ocean freight services, you can make use of vessels that are specially designed to carry bulk raw materials.


Is Ocean Freight Shipping safe for different types of Cargo?


The sea freight companies are familiar with the robbery of goods during transportation so they have made the containers in such a manner that goods stored inside cannot be harmed in any way. The containers feature more safety layers and are also sealed so no one can open them.


Also, you have permission to transport a variety of goods via ship. This is why ships make a safe option to transport DG (dangerous) cargo.

How does Ocean Freight Shipping affect the Environment?


When cargo is shipped via road, rail, or air then the environment suffers a lot. In short, all these transportation modes have increased carbon footprints. If you are looking for an eco-friendly transportation mode then it’s wise to opt for Ocean freight services. Ocean shipping emits much lesser gas or carbon dioxide for each ton of consignment shipped.


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SAR: Leading Ocean Freight Service Provider


When you are looking for the top-notch ocean freight shipping services that are affordable too, look no further than SAR Transport. We are a reliable and experienced logistics company promising you to ship your belongings intact internationally. We have been providing the Ocean freight services to clients from almost all domains for more than 10 years.


Our professional, experienced and courteous staff makes us different from other sea freight forwarding companies in India. Want to contact us for the ocean freight shipping? Call us now at 91-22-40964200 or write an email to info@sartransport.com.



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