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What is the Best Method for Shipping Hazardous & Dangerous Goods

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Transporting dangerous goods

What is the Best Method for Shipping Hazardous & Dangerous Goods

Transportation plays an important role in the Logistics industry and transportation of hazardous materials (hazmat) is a special concern. This is the reason why countries put restrictions on hazmat transportation by some laws. For transporting such dangerous goods you need to choose one of the largest logistics companies in India.


The Definition of Hazardous or Dangerous Materials



Hazardous/dangerous materials are termed as an item or substance that is capable of harming people, property, or nature. United Nations classifies hazardous goods into nine categories as per their properties. 


  • Explosives
  • Gases
  • Flammable liquids
  • Flammable solids, spontaneously combustible substance, and dangerous when wet
  • Oxidizing substance, organic peroxide
  • Toxic, infectious substance, poison inhalation hazard
  • Radioactive material
  • Corrosives substance
  • Miscellaneous hazardous material



The main difference between the shipping of hazmat and other goods is an “accident”. When an accident happens then the harm caused to the population as well as the environment is unavoidable. Therefore, it’s crucial for goods transport agencies to take special care during the transportation of dangerous materials.




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Flammable_ Hazardous goods


Regulatory Bodies of Dangerous Materials Transportation


Different bodies regulate the transportation of hazardous materials, depending on the transportation mode and the country materials are being shipped in/to. Their objective is to provide security against the risks to property and life that are associated with hazmat transportation in interstate, intrastate, and international commerce.  


These are the chief regulatory bodies that regulate the transportation of hazardous substances.


  • Airways: International Air Transport Association or IATA
  • Seaways: International Maritime Organization or IMO
  • Roadways: Depends on Country



Best Method and Means of Transportation of Hazardous Materials


Transport of dangerous materials is possible through all means of transportation, including airways, railways, pipelines, waterways, roadways. However, hazmat is commonly transported by road. In accidents, hazardous material or substance releases from the carrier or vehicle then it is termed as incidents. Hazmat incidents not only lead to environmental damage and fatalities but also results in explosions, vapor dispersion, fire, etc. Due to this fact, emergency officials should pay supreme attention to reduce the side effects of such incidents.



Sea freight carrying Dangerous goods_SAR



4 Things to Consider When Shipping Hazardous Materials


Provided the risky nature of dangerous goods, the freight forwarding companies must put in efforts to guarantee safe and secure packaging and movement of goods. Here are some factors to keep in mind when moving hazardous freight. 


1. Safe Packaging for Dangerous Goods


The efficient packaging is extremely important in the shipping of regular consignment — and more so in the case of hazardous materials.

Hazardous cargo should be packaged safely in such a manner that it poses zero threat during ocean freight or air freight journey. It must also get delivered at the destination point in a good state.

Also, make sure that the container in which the temperature-sensitive hazardous materials are stored is water and airtight. 




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2. Proper Labelling for Transporting Hazardous Materials



Proper packing of Dangerous goods_SAR


Due to the potential threats that can be caused by transporting these dangerous substances, it is highly important to label the goods appropriately.

Ensure the right labels are used and they can be seen on both the outer and inner packaging. Furthermore, take off all unnecessary labels from the outer packaging to avoid any confusion. Don’t forget to include the contact number of the Logistics service provider in emergencies.


3. Keep Your Documents Ready – 



Documentation for shipping goods_SAR


The paperwork of hazardous shipment is much more complex than for regular shipment. Therefore, you must keep all the necessary documents ready beforehand to avoid stress in the future. 


You may need different documents depending on the nature of your consignment for smooth freight transportation. 



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4. Early planning of Dangerous Goods Shipment –


As a lot of paperwork is involved in the transportation of hazardous material, keeping documents prepared can be challenging and time taking. It is advisable to begin planning 3-4 months beforehand as just receiving the necessary permits can take more than 100 days.


So, it’s good to book the shipment of your hazardous cargo at least 15 days in advance. You need to take prior approval for the movement of hazardous goods from the freight forwarders, which can take some time. 


Don’t forget to keep your freight service provider about the nature of the goods so they can take proper safety measures. 



Final Deliverance



Whether it’s normal cargo or consignment of hazardous materials, SAR Transport Systems is here to give you a helping hand. Operating on India-USA lane, we know the ins and outs of the challenges that arise during the shipping of hazardous as well as regular goods across borders and within the country. 


You’ll get high-level air freight services, ocean freight services, road transport, ISO tank service in Mumbai and value-added services at economical freight rates. We make no false claims but strive to deliver the unmatched quality of services. We understand that documentation of goods shipment is a complex and time-taking task so, we provide you with assistance in getting all documents ready in advance to facilitate a smooth transfer of cargo. 


You must note that prior consultation is mandatory for booking shipment of dangerous materials. For more details, you can contact SAR Transport systems, the best freight forwarders in Mumbai anytime as per your convenience. 




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