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10 Tips To Reduce Freight Forwarding Services Expenses

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10 Tips To Reduce Freight Forwarding Services Expenses


“Price” in business is one of the most important factors for business owners. Everyone wants to save money in some of the other ways and if you run a business, it becomes vital for you to do so. Especially, If you’re involved in international trade and transportation of goods or cargo by receiving the best possible freight forwarding services at least cost than its like cherry on the cake.    


So, why to go for someone else when you have SAR Transport systems, a freight forwarding agency in Mumbai which can take care of not only your dimensional cargos but also your financial concerns. Apart from this –



We are trying to provide you with some tips to reduce freight forwarding services cost:



1. Negotiation with the multiple carriers:


When you want the best thing within your budget, you must search for various options. The same is the case while doing freight forwarding. Having a best freight forwarder not only helps you reduce your overall cost but also increases your connectivity with various carriers and shipping company.






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2. Look for your nearby ship-to-points:


If your drop point is near to or on the way to the final destination of the carriers then it gives you the benefit of having less freight forwarding expenses.



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3. Always Look for Combination:



If you rely on or choose only a single mode of transportation then you might have to bear more cost as compared to the option where you can opt for multiple ways. For example, the sea route is costlier than the air one. So, if you want to send some goods and you have the option of sending it by sea freight then take a wise decision and go for that. Also, between truck and rail, rail is cost-effective. Look for other options, other modes available for that route and then consider the time involved to send goods through particular mode. If time is not a big deal then choose the cheaper mode for your freight.    


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4. Go for Off-peak days:



There are certain days within a week where the rush is very high and the possibility of getting stuck in traffic or the higher cost charged by the carriers naturally goes up. Hence, you should make a smart move in this by choosing to deliver it in those days when there is less traffic and the chances of getting some cost relief are very high. Please Note – A day earlier or later can bring a huge difference in freight forwarding expenses. 



5. Send in bulk:



If you want to reduce freight forwarding cost then the best way is always to try to send more goods so that the frequency of getting the goods shipped becomes less hence it will lessen the burden of the overall cost. Also, you can look for other smaller shipments of goods and then consolidate all together to ship collectively. This will surely provide you with additional cost-saving.   


6. Regularity always wins:


When you go for a single shipping company many times then the chances of having a good relationship with that one is very high and any company can’t afford to lose its potential and regular customers. In this move, the company starts giving you some benefits with regards to the cost which can reduce your freight forwarding cost. Try to be regular to enjoy the benefits. 




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Air Freight forwarding services_ SAR



7. Be cautious of the additional charges:


Many times you may not know but carriers perform many others services also apart from the shipping of your cargo like loading and unloading of the cargo, wrapping of the cargo (if required) but at the time of shipping these charges are unknown while making the payment you may be surprised by seeing the invoice which includes these hidden charges. So, in order to avoid this, you should at the time of making the deal clear all these charges with the carriers. Even you can ask the company about the extra charges. Doing this saves you from unexpected charges and thus you can reduce your freight forwarding expenses. 



8. Look for carriers with discounts:


Sometimes while looking for the carriers we end up choosing the one which doesn’t give or gives less discount as compare to the other ones. So, always try to choose those which has low base rate so that you can enjoy the discounts and lower your cost of freight forwarding. For this, you can ask the quote from multiple carriers and then make the comparison. Check their cost and services offered. By doing this research process you can reduce the freight forwarding costs. 




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9. Opt for the cheapest way of transportation:



When you want the cargo to be shipped internationally, you need to pay your focus on the modes of transportation. As sea route is cheaper than their one but takes more time so you can reduce your cost for sending the cargo as early as possible in order to avoid delay and to save your overall cost. Even you can combine more than two modes of transportation to save freight costs.



10. Setting the priority of the cargo:


There might be times when a particular cargo was needed to be delivered earlier than the other one but just due to not prioritizing the number you may have to bear the extra cost in order to give express delivery. So, you can avoid this by determining the dates of each cargo and then shipping them accordingly.


Keep these tips in mind to reduce freight forwarding expenses. If you are looking for the best freight forwarding company in Mumbai then contact us and get the best freight services at highly affordable prices.   



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