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SAR Logistics and Freight Forwarders in Tuticorin

SAR is one of the leading logistics and Freight forwarding Companies in Tuticorin providing the most efficient logistics services in the port city.

Oceans have been the oldest means of transportation long before man learned to touch the skies. This is why, up to this day, ocean freight is one of the most utilized means of trade. And no trade can be successful or even exist without transporting the goods of trade. SAR is one of such leading logistics service providers and freight forwarders to help clients transport their shipments from one place to another with as much ease as ever offered before.



Why Choose Us – 


Functioning from almost all major cities of India, SAR is an eminent name amongst freight forwarders in Tuticorin. Also known as the ‘Sea Gateway of Tamil Nadu’ and an emerging industrial and energy hub, Tuticorin is one of the fastest-growing ports in India. As Tuticorin is the center of trade, SAR has anchored here to serve traders as one of the top freight forwarding companies in Tuticorin.

Our excelled gallantry of ISO Tanks and Containers makes us a favorite for transporting shipments from one shore to another. SAR serves domestic as well as global air freight, ocean freight, and trucking services to ease the shipping process. Our value-added services add a lot more to the basics of shipping, like a door to door delivery, breakbulk shipping, buyer’s consolidation and many more in addition to the expert consultation regarding your logistics needs.


Our Forte – 


Freight forwarding is a task of extreme precision and time consciousness. SAR is a transparent, experienced, and resourceful organization that serves freight services that never cause trouble but eases every trouble in the shipping process. Our every consignment makes us better and ranks us higher among the best freight forwarding companies in Tuticorin.

SAR has continuously evolved as a domestic as well as a global leader in providing logistics and freight forwarding solutions. Whether it is shipping or post shipping solutions you need, SAR is always eager to help and ease the hectic procedures of your logistics.

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    SAR Freight Forwarders in Tuticorin Offers – 

    Global Sea Freight & Air Freight Services.

    Affordable, timely and cost-friendly Trucking Services.

    Efficient Freight Forwarding Services.

    Customs Broking Services (SAR Licensed Customs Broker).

    Transport fluids (fuels, chemicals, etc) in our ISO Certified Tanks.

    Locate your consignment with GPS-enabled Tracking System.

    Get Consolidated Space for smaller shipments.

    100% Safety and Accuracy in transportation.