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SAR – The Best Logistics Company in PUNE

SAR is the evolutionary Logistics Company in Pune providing quality logistics services along with unique value-added services. 

Transportation has been an inevitable need for humans since the beginning of time. Whether it is needed to relocate self or the goods, transportation is always required through every means. SAR realized this need and its ability to serve it in 2005 and since then it is one of the leading international logistics companies in Pune.




SAR is a logistics service provider company that serves trucking services, air freight, and ocean freight services at national as well as international level. We are the industry leader with certified ISO tanks and containers that provide shipping space for bulk or consolidated consignments. Our expertise in logistics makes us one of the top 10 logistics companies in Pune and also in India too.




We are rich in resources, manpower, and technology that allows our clients to get their shipments transported with ease, reliance, and complete transparency. Our ocean freight tracking system makes it super easy for our clients to keep track of their shipments as well as time. SAR is one of the main 3pl logistics companies in Pune that deliver quality services with constant accuracy.

SAR is well equipped with ISO certified tanks that can carry hazardous fluids and chemicals without a single leak. Our containers are quality checked with the 100% assured safety of the shipped goods. We lead the road transport industry along with cross-border air and ocean freight services that rank us amongst top shipping and logistics companies in Pune. Our existence in the logistics industry for quite long enough has earned us the credibility of a licensed customs broker, making it easy for our clients as we handle lengthy documentation for them.

SAR is a highly reliable name in the world of logistics and when it comes to delivering quality with experience. Our services are flawless as we care about building trust with our clients by serving what we do the best: providing seamless logistics services in Pune.

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    SAR Logistics Company in Pune Offers:

    Get the best Ocean Freight & Air Freight Services.

    Avail effective and affordable Trucking Services.

    Easy documentation and no-hassle through Custom Broking Services.

    Transport Heavy Goods through Project Cargo.

    Consistent Warehousing & Distribution Services.

    Locate your shipment with Advanced Tracking System.

    Get consultation services regarding your logistics.

    Safe, Fast and Reliable ISO Tank Services.