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SAR Logistics Services in Jaipur

SAR  is one of the exceptional logistics companies in Jaipur delivering seamless and empowering logistics services to various businesses.

Transportation is what keeps the business in motion. If transportation halts, the businesses halt and so does the economy. The business sphere is heavily relied upon the logistics to carry their business consistently. SAR  is one of its kind logistics companies in Jaipur that relates with the urgency and needs of its clients and delivers flawless and helpful logistics services.

Why Choose Us – 

SAR  is an air freight, sea freight, and trucking services company in India providing logistics throughout the nation and across borders too. Founded in 2005, SAR  has so far served numerous clients and has touched many distant shores in delivering huge consignments. We have earned the reputation of being one of the leading logistics companies in Jaipur by delivering safe, time-saving and efficient transportation services like no one can.a

Our arsenal of logistics includes ISO-certified tanks and containers to ship huge consignments to distant countries. On the domestic side of logistics, our trucking services are reliable and safe as they can be tracked through our GPS-enabled advanced tracking system. SAR  also offers various value-added services like custom broking, doorstep delivery, consultancy services, etc.

Our Forte – 

SAR  also offers Buyer’s Consolidation and Break Bulk logistics services. It allows our clients to break their huge shipment into a number of containers to transport them with ease. Clients with relatively smaller shipments can buy consolidated space to share with other shipments in a huge container. Our solutions are finely curated to help our clients in the best possible way.

We are one of the best logistics companies in Jaipur and operate from the metro and other major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, and many more. We have our anchors in foreign waters as well. Whether it is India-US or India-Canada routes, we’ve covered them all. Our flawless logistics services make us unique in what we do. Whether it is about solid goods or hazardous fluids, SAR  can ship any of them without a spill or leak. If you are looking for the best ever logistics solutions, feel free to contact us.  

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    Our Key Features:

    Global Sea Freight & Air Freight.

    Timely and Cost-effective Trucking Services.

    Freight Forwarding Services.

    Customs Broking Services (SAR Licensed Customs Broker).

    Transport fluids (fuels, chemicals, etc) in ISO Certified Tanks.

    GPS-enabled Tracking System.

    Get Consolidated Space for smaller shipments.

    100% Safe and Accurate Shipping.