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SAR – The Best Logistics Company in Kolkata

SAR is one of the thriving best Logistics Companies in Kolkata serving the logistics needs of numerous businesses across the nation & globe.

Since civilization has been establishing itself, transferring goods from one place to another has been a necessity from then till now. Bigger organizations and industries need it the most and at a consistent level. Realizing this need of businesses in India Subcontinent made us establish SAR as the best logistics company in Kolkata. We are the industry leader in serving the best and most reliable logistics services of any scale and size.



SAR was founded back in 2005 with the goal of building a logistics channel that can provide easy, effective, and efficient shipping and transportation services. We have expanded this channel since then and reached many distant shores. We are the best logistics company in Kolkata shipping major consignments with transparency and quality at its best.

We have expert manpower and hi-tech technological advancements that help us deliver logistics services with complete tracking and timely delivery. Our consignments are always carried through thoroughly checked, and ISO certified containers. SAR also transports fluids through ISO Tank services. We don’t behave like a leader company but persist in doing a logistics company job in Kolkata to serve our clients with the best logistics services.



SAR offers multiple logistics plus value-added services under the same roof. In addition to the Airfreight and Ocean Freight Services across continents, we also provide efficient trucking services and warehousing solutions. As one of the leading logistics companies in Kolkata India, we are proudly a licensed customs broker to get our clients through the documentation and deliver with 100% accuracy.

Whether you want to get the door to door transport service or want to transport your shipment as breakbulk cargo, SAR has it all covered. We are the leading logistics services in Kolkata with the experience and resources to transport it with great accuracy, safety, and not a single thing to worry about. If you are looking for trading containers, then also you are in the right place.

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    SAR Logistics Company in Kolkata Offers:

    Get the best Ocean Freight & Air Freight Services.

    Avail the fast, affordable and trackable Trucking services.

    Ship smaller consignments in consolidated space.

    Easy documentation and no hassle through Custom Broking Services.

    Transport Heavy Goods through Project Cargo.

    Locate your shipment with advanced Tracking System

    Avail Door to Door Transport services.

    Get consultation services regarding your logistics.